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From vision to reality, inspiring growth – Our story & journey

Grand Launch (2009)

It all began in 2009 at no 5 Bamidele Eletu road. Osapa London, Lekki, where our founder and president, Francis Ebie opened the very first grind Grill, this Delta Igbo native created an award-winning restaurant featured in national media  including The Guardian, Studio 53, Sahara Reporters, Bella Naija and a host of others, fuelled by his love and passion for grilling fresh produce.

Today, Grind Grill has become known. From mouthwatering grilled prawns and meat and unique wraps, to exquisite drinks. Grind Grill stays true to authentic Nigerian cuisines. Step into Grind Grill and you’re stepping into a truly unique experience. Our vibrant, comfortable, and conversational atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

Our menu is inspired with one person in mind – you. With a deep understanding and passion for food, we’ve used our expertise to create an unparalleled lineup of dishes to reel you in and awaken your palate.


At 2016, The Grind launched an annual event called the Grill and BBQ Festival, a celebration of the art of grilling with fire and smoke, bringing guests from a mix of lifestyles under one roof, to celebrate the holidays away from the hustle and bustle in Nigeria.


The team at Grind grill won consecutively at the prestigious The event industry conference which took place in Lagos, Nigeria. The awards segment is considered the most prestigious in the restaurant industry, offering international recognition to winners.

Awards Won Consercutively




GRIND! We call him the Grill Maestro, one finger licking goodness after another, yet the only thing that tops his infectious mastery of his oh so amazing craft is his level of excellence & professionalism.

Francis Ebie is the Managing Director of Grind Grill Cafe Established in 2009; Grind Grill Cafe is an off shoot of GRIND that started as a hobby in 1995 before he gained admission into University of Lagos. HE was the mastermind of raves even before he gained admission into the University of Lagos.

He organised the first Social Awards in Unilag. Francis holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Lagos. Upon graduation he Worked for the biggest night club at the time, 11.45 on Awolowo Rd as a manager, after which he moved into Event Marketing, He worked with CHRIS PARKES, the Biggest Event Marketing firm at the time from 2004- 2009. His time at Chris Parkes were to his full advantage as he got to travel the 36 states of Nigeria, met a lot of people through networking and he ultimately learnt about organisational structures amongst all other rudiments that helped him put things into perspective when he decided to toll the path of entrepreneurship.

In Sept 2009, he resigned and faced his lifelong dream head on, first he opened the Grind Grill Restaurant in December 2009. Two Years after he began the outdoor services. Eight years later he entered into partnership with his friend and opened the Grill Mall situated in Lekki One. He founded the LAGOS GRILL & BARBECUE FESTIVAL and the ABUJA GRILL & BARBEQUE FESTIVAL respectively. Both with the objective of promoting the Grill Industry. Bringing all grill business people together, this is thriving beautifully.


Get to know the faces behind the magic; we’re not just a team, we’re a family, and together, we make things happen.

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